Judith Kleinman

Judith Kleinman has been an assistant at LCATT since its foundation and is now also a co-head of training along with Refia Sacks and Roger Kidd. She trained as a classical musician and teacher at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and then as an Alexander teacher with Patrick MacDonald and Shoshana Kaminitz, qualifying in 1989. For many years she has been one of the team of Alexander teachers at the Royal College of Music. She also teaches at the Junior Royal Academy of Music, London School of Musical Theatre and has a private practice. She has worked for STAT Council, coordinating the Arts and Education group. She now co-runs The Developing Self, a forum for Alexander Technique in education. She has written several books, including The Alexander Technique for Musicians with her husband Peter Buckoke and recently Finding Quiet Strength. www.thedevelopingself.net   www.alexandernow.org  www.findingquietstrength.com