LCATT has, to date, qualified 71 students, most of whom are now teaching professionally in thriving private practices, running courses and teaching in a variety of institutions both in the UK and overseas in countries including Japan, France, Ireland, Finland, Greece, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand, the USA, Indonesia and Estonia. Some are working in specialisms – such as with musicians, actors, dancers, sports people, children, the elderly, pregnant women and people in pain. Others are taking Alexander into other disciplines – such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Tango dancing, contemporary dance and swimming – so that their teaching of these is informed by the Alexander Technique.

We, as a school, are committed to the idea of taking the Alexander Technique into education and many of our alumni are involved in the ‘Alexander in Education’ initiative, a STAT Specialist Interest group.

LCATT has many connections with Alexander in Education and the performing Arts, especially with some of our current teachers running the Alexander department at the Royal College of Music As such we have a special relationship with Royal College of Music and our graduates have the opportunity to assist teaching at the RCM. Reciprocally, students from the RCM visit our Training school.

Currently, in the UK, three of our graduates have taught in the music department of Oundle school, and two currently teach in the music department of Uppingham school (one as head of department).  One graduate teaches regularly at the Junior  Royal College of Music, two assist at the Junior Royal Academy of Music and one at Rose Bruford Drama school. Recently one graduate has joined the staff of the prestigious Yehudi Menuhin School as an Alexander teacher. Two graduates teach regularly at Educare primary school, a school where Alexander forms the basis of their education, as well as several teaching Alexander in regular Primary and secondary schools. Overseas there are also alumni teaching in music and drama schools in Greece, Spain, USA, Japan, China, Argentina etc…

Our graduates are –
Kaoru Kuwata, Julia Duschenes, Mark Wildsmith, Ella Giermakowsi, Catharine Gunningham, Clare Adams, Charlotte Eilenberg, Polly Waterfield, Beatrice Pemberton, Joel Hartman, Juliette Davril, Eric Bell, Paola Lerma, David Jarvis, Paul Dadswell, Turo Vuorenpuro, Julia Cowper, Jeremy Cassidy, Ruth Tod, James Allsopp, Emily Jeffers, Tim Giles, Susan Brennan, Jackie Beim, Rachel Gering-Hasthorpe, Daniella Soares Barsoumian, Lynn Edmonstone, Bodel Rikys, Robert Canner, Savvas Koudounas, Eleni Vosniadou, Xiaosong Que, Esther Miltiadous, Jonathan Pattrick, Christine Betsill, Elizabeth Abrahams, Nikki Brin, Elena Solomou, Deborah Levy, Angelique Swallow, Deena Newman, Andy Smith, Fuensanta Zambrana-Ruiz, Abi Clancey, Patricia Aldred, Roger Linden, Natasha Broke, Helen Kearns, Caroline Sears, Jerzy Giermakowski, Sarah Oliver, Anna Kritikou, William Renwick, Georgia Paizi, Kate Ellingham-Hunt, Tom Ball, Jessamy Harvey, Theo Ziarkas, Daniela Sangiorgio, James Douglas, Felicity Matthews, Hanna-Liis Lao, Anna Camilla Goldbeck-Wood, Apollo Dellios, Jonna Jarvitalo, Duncan Hughes, Amelia Widjaja, Charlotte Herst, Martin Underwood, Rosalie Warner, Elizabeth Wade.

Julia Duschenes trained at the Hampstead Alexander Centre and the London Centre for Alexander Technique and Training, qualifying in 2003.  She is now a regular teacher at LCATT.  She is an avid amateur viola player and particularly enjoys teaching musicians in local music schools and in her private practice in St Albans.

Kaoru Kuwata completed her training in 2003 and has since taught Alexander Technique in many drama and music colleges, theatre companies and arts universities. She is currently working in Japan at Shobi University, New National Theatre Opera studio,  Seinenza Theatre company Drama school, as well as giving private lessons, actor training classes, and workshops for various performers. She has translated Alexander’s ‘The Use of the Self’ into Japanese for the first time.

Catharine Gunningham qualified from LCATT in 2005 and has been teaching Alexander since then at her private practice in Stoke Newington where her pupils range from 8 to 87.  She also taught at Uppingham School in Rutland (13 to 18 year olds) where she has developed her experience of working with young people and with musicians. 0207 249 9359 or 07985 971397

Polly Waterfield trained as a violinist, a Suzuki violin teacher, and an Alexander teacher. In 2006 she established an Alexander department at Uppingham school in Rutland where she still teaches. With Catharine Gunningham, in 2013 and 2015, she organised Spirit of Youth, a forum for teachers working with young people. She is one of the co-ordinators of the Alexander in Education group. She works with the choral scholars of the Choir of King’s College, Cambridge. Expressing what we do as teachers is a powerful interest and she has written many articles for StatNews and
the journal Conscious Control.

Juliette Davril started AT lessons in Paris in 2000 after suffering from chronic back pain. She qualified from LCATT in 2007 and has been teaching Alexander since then at her private practice, first in Paris, and now in Madrid. She also works with cello players at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música Joaquín Turina. As a post-graduate in London, she assisted at the Royal College of Music and at the Arts Educational Drama School.

Paola Lerma qualified as an Alexander teacher at LCATT in 2007 and is now a regular teacher at the school. Her previous training was in drama at EMTZ in Spain, and she has since taught Alexander Technique in the Arts Educational Drama School. She has also been teaching in Royal College of Music and other educational institutions. She runs her private practice from her home in Camden.  07984636561   

Jeremy Cassidy qualified from LCATT in 2010. He gives individual lessons and group courses to local community groups at his practice in Tottenham. He has also been bringing the Alexander Technique to playgroups and primary schools in Tottenham, as well as working at Educare the pioneering primary school in Kingston, that incorporates the AT principles into the school’s ethos.  07803 905040

James Allsopp qualified as an Alexander teacher at LCATT in 2010 and has taught there since 2012.  He teaches AT at the Royal College of Music junior department and National Youth Choir of Great Britain and has taught at Oundle school. He is a jazz musician and plays various reed instruments and composes his own music. He teaches saxophone at the Royal Academy of Music and Guildhall School of Music and Drama and is an external examiner for Leeds College of Music. His private practice is in Tottenham. 07818422231

Jackie Beim first had Alexander lessons in the mid 1980s.  She qualified as a teacher from LCATT 2011. As well as teaching private lessons, Jackie regularly assists on the LCATT training course, and helps to organise CPD workshops for Alexander teachers. She serves on the STAT Council. She is a Shaw Method registered swimming teacher, taking the Alexander Technique into the water.

Lynn Edmonstone is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and a Pilates Instructor with Body Control Pilates. Lynn is a trained actress, certified Alexander Technique teacher and a Pilates Instructor/Stretch Therapy teacher.  She teaches private sessions and group classes in London and Northern California.

Bodel Rikys, also an artist/author and meditation teacher, has a long-standing interest in the multi-layered aspects of the Alexander Technique. Her first Alexander lesson was with Dr Barlow in 1980. Wanting to deepen her understanding of the work, she trained as a teacher with LCATT, qualifying in 2012. Bodel teaches individuals and groups in Central and North London.

Eleni Vosniadou works with groups and individuals worldwide and is fascinated by the study of mind/body. Eleni qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher from LCATT in 2012. With a background in music Eleni is the founder and director of Consciência Corporal para Músicos in Brazil, coaching musicians to optimize performance by developing skilful body awareness. Eleni is also on the faculty of Total Vocal Freedom for singers in the USA.

Xiaosong Que, originally from Shanghai, she studied in Berlin and moved to London. She found Alexander Technique in Buenos Aires, pursuing her passion for dancing tango. She qualified from LCATT in 2012 and has taught in London, Buenos Aires and Shanghai, giving workshops to dancers and actors at the London Contemporary Dance School and Shanghai Theatre Academy. She now lives in Buenos Aires where, as director of Tango Clinic, she applies the Technique to coaching tango dancers, and runs a private practice.

Jonathan Pattrick    Mob. 07785964337

Esther Miltiadous first had Alexander Technique lessons in 1998 when suffering with sciatic pain. She qualified as a teacher in 2013. She has assisted at the Royal College of Music, given workshops for local physiotherapists, and classes for elderly people in retirement homes. She teaches Alexander to children at Educare Small School, Kingston and is part of the Alexander in Education special interest group. She gives private lessons in Oakwood (N14).  07966416110

Nikki Brin qualified from LCATT in 2013. She currently teaches in Bristol. Having worked in the corporate environment for 15 years, she takes an interest in working with people from a similar background. She has assisted Professor Peter Buckoke at the Royal College of music and given group workshops at the Highbury Grove music academy.

Deborah Levy started AT lessons in 1988 after a back injury. She qualified as a teacher in 2014. She has assisted at the Royal College of Music, ArtsEd Drama School and given lessons at Carers Well-Being days. She has run a course for Age UK, volunteered at Paul’s Cancer Centre in Clapham and has a private practice in Crouch End N8. 07764154282

Angelique Swallow began AT lessons after a shoulder operation and found it life-changing. She qualified as a teacher at LCATT in 2014. She has since given talks and workshops in the UK and abroad to promote better awareness of the benefits of the Technique for the individual and society as she strongly believes that AT is a way forward for human development.  She has developed an AT curriculum to be implemented in further Education and also offers 1-to-1 lessons in EN4 & EN5. T: 07932 653196

Andy Smith, a former sports journalist, came to the Technique after years of sporting and work-related injuries. As such he has a particular interest in reducing injury and improving performance, in sports, music, acting or simply everyday life. He also offers Alexander running lessons. He is involved in the Alexander in Education special interest group and teaches at Uppingham School in Rutland. He offers private lessons from the LCATT in Islington. 07790 027290

Helen Kearns graduated from LCATT in 2016 having previously trained in music and librarianship. As a piano teacher she shares the Alexander Technique with her students in schools and private practice, and with young students at the Ingenium International Music Summer Schools at Winchester College. She teaches at Mill Hill School and has an AT private practice in North London. She is a member of the Alexander in Education special interest group. 07706697660

Georgia Paizi qualified at LCATT in 2017. She is a dance-artist and Alexander teacher working in Athens. She teaches privately and in groups She shares a studio practice with musician and AT practitioner Theo Ziarkas. Together they facilitate dance improvisation workshops. She has a background in architecture theory and scenography, and is pursuing a Master’s in Dance at Laban/Independent Dance. 07448884262

Kate Ellingham-Hunt graduated from LCATT in 2017. She came to the technique through chronic ill health and violin playing related pain. Alongside the Technique she teaches the violin through the Suzuki method and is interested in helping young musicians play their instruments confidently without pain and discomfort. She currently teaches in New Zealand.,