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We are not running open days at the moment as we are limiting the number of visitors on one day. However, if you are thinking of training or would just like to see what happens on a training course and get some free work, you would be very welcome to visit the training course by appointment. Email us on the contact page.


For anyone and everyone! LCATT hosts a series of interesting talks linking with other disciplines.
They have been really successful, enjoyable and thought-provoking so far. So do come and join us for the next one.
If you would like to see what we have had in the past you can check it out on the Professional Development page.

The 15th Interesting Talk at LCATT will be An Introduction to Medau Rhythmic Movement – Ilana Machover

In-person and on zoom.
June 23rd at 7pm
LCATT 137 Grosvenor Ave N5 2NH
12 in-person tickets available at £10 [Reservation required. To book email]
Zoom tickets £5 [link will be sent to ticket-holders shortly before the event]
Payment via Paypal
(in-person attendees can pay with cash)
In person attendees must follow LCATT’s Covid safety protocol at the bottom of this link.
An Introduction to Medau Rhythmic Movement –
 Ilana Machover well known Alexander and movement teacher.
Ilana will talk about Medau’s unique approach and the history of his work putting it in its historical context  — there were many people interested in “whole body natural  movements” at that time. They didn’t know about Tai-Chi or Chi Gong. They had just started to be introduced to Yoga and some forms of Japanese martial arts. Ilana will introduce his use of apparatus and music, then we will look at some of the movements.
Ilana requests the participants to have or make a bean bag and to bring it with you. It should be about 15×18 cm in size, and should be filled with about 1lb of (uncooked) rice (the cheapest in the market is sufficient). Very easy to make and so useful. You may even fall in love with them and use them in your teaching.

Lotte Bredt giving the 8th talk ‘Moving and being moved – a psychoanalytic perspective’


Workshops, workshares and talks. (See Professional Development page for any more details).

We are hoping to hold these in person again in the future. In the meantime we are still holding get togethers online for alumni and teachers.