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Finding Quiet Strength in Movement

A fresh look at Dart incorporating the ideas of the Polyvagal theory with Judith Kleinman at LCATT
30th June, 10.00 to 1.00pm:

Judith teaches Alexander and Yoga at The Royal College of Music and is co head of Training at LCATT. She co wrote The Alexander Technique for Musicians with Peter Buckoke and is co-director of the Developing Self project alongside Sue Merry. Judith’s latest book Finding Quiet Strength suggests that Alexander can be be a central part of a practice for finding freedom in movement and stillness, helping us have a practice of resilience and quiet strength. In the workshop we will look at how Thought, Touch, Movement and Breath can help us find a calm, confident and co ordinated sense of Time, Space and Ease.

£ 20 for teachers £10 for students, limited numbers to book please contact

An Evening of Singing

Singing into Being at LCATT on July 4th 7.00-9.00pm with Charlotte Herst and Rosalie Warner.
£10 for teachers £7 for students.


Our next open days for next term will be announced soon.
If you are thinking of training or would just like to see what happens on a training course and get some free work, you would be very welcome to our open days. Teachers and students also welcome. You can also visit the training course on other days by appointment. Email us on the contact page.


For anyone and everyone! LCATT hosts a series of interesting talks linking with other disciplines.
They have been really successful, enjoyable and thought-provoking so far. So do come and join us for the next one.
If you would like to see what we have had in the past you can check it out on the Professional Development page.

The 19th Interesting Talk at LCATT will be by Flurina Thali on the Story of the Embryo and how it can nurture our practice.

Flurina plans to introduce the concept of bi and tri-laminar disc and then the emergence of a first midline and notochord and how this grows up and its relation to AT direction … there will be practical work as well as presentation. Flurina is an Osteopath, coach, lecturer, researcher, dancer, artist and mother of the podcast «The Breathing Body». She initially trained as a dancer in Denmark and the Netherlands. During this time she encountered many somatic practices, in particular the Alexander Technique and Ideokinesis which continuously taught her as a facilitator about the art of creating space and finding ease in movement by using images and imagination. The wish to engage her hands in care for others led her to gain a Masters` degree at the European School of Osteopathy. She is currently practicing in private clinics in Kent and London, as well as working for the Osteopathic Center for Children in London and lecturing for various osteopathic colleges across the UK.

The talk will take place on 26th May, 2.00-4.00pm at LCATT, 137 Grosvenor Avenue, London N5 2NH – in person only, with space for 15 participants.
Teachers £10. Students £7.
Email to book
Payment via Paypal (in-person attendees can pay with cash)
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*Please note that this talk will be preceded in the morning by a teacher’s workshare on May 26th 11 to 1pm. This will be facilitated by Polly Waterfield with the theme of Embracing Reciprocity – a playful enquiry into our habits of work exchange. See professional Development page for more detail.

The 20th Interesting talk at LCATT will take place on Thursday 13th June 7.00-8.30pm and be by Ellen Casey on Alexander Technique and research.

Ellen Casey BMus PGDip MSc MSTAT is a cellist and AT teacher, she completed her AT teacher training with Merran Poplar at the Centro de Técnica Alexander Buenos Aires. Ellen is currently undertaking a PhD in music education at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. Ellen will talk about the state of existing AT-musician research and give an overview of her ongoing research exploring AT training in music education.

Introduction The perception that AT lacks sufficient evidence is hindering the development of AT provision within higher music education. The preliminary stage of Ellen’s PhD research involved collating and evaluating existing AT-musician research, and in this talk she will present a synthesis of this body of work and share some examples of strong and weak research from a variety of paradigms. She will then give an overview of her ongoing ethnographic research exploring AT training within music education, which aims to uncover the characteristics of AT training in this specific context and illuminate the process of skill transfer from AT training into musical practice.

 £10 for teachers and £7 for students. To book please contact;,

Lotte Bredt giving the 8th talk ‘Moving and being moved – a psychoanalytic perspective’


Workshops, workshares and talks.
NEW WORKSHOP FOR TEACHERS ON 22nd July. (See Professional Development page for any more details).