Visiting Teachers

Here are some of the teachers from all over the world, who have visited us in the past ten years. A number of them have come with special interests to offer, such as voice work, saddle work, work on the eyes, work on the feet, running, swimming, movement, business etc.

Alexander Technique
Visit to Elisabeth

Elisabeth Walker
Vivien Mackie
Adam Nott
Alex and Joan Murray
Ilana Machover
Brigitte Cavadias

Brigitte's work with eyes
Brigitte’s work with eyes

Elisabeth Waterhouse
Lucia Walker
Yehudah Kuperman
Giora Pinkus
Glen Park
Glyn MacDonald

Saddle work with Gloria
Saddle work with Gloria
Saddle work with Clare
Saddle work with Clare

Brita Forstrom
Jeremy Chance
Michael Deeson-Barrow
Malcolm Balk
Stephen Shaw
Alex Farkas
Jane Staggs
Penny O’Connor
Dorothea Magonet
John Hunter



Stephanie Smith
Gloria Pullan
Sue Merry
Azize Stirling
Marjorie Hodge
Joseph Sanders
Anja Saunders
Bridgitte Belgrave
Lee Warren
Peter Nobes
Brigitta Mowat
Cathy Madden

Visit from Ilana's school
Visit from Ilana’s school

Richard Brennan
Margaret Edis
Shaike and Linda Hermalin
Glenna Batson
Clare Adams
Bea Pemberton
Selma  Goken
Wolfgang Weiser
Missy Vineyard
Penny Spawforth
and many more….

alexander technique balance

Wolfgang's work with balance at LCATT
Wolfgang’s work with balance
Adam with Judith
Adam with Judith