Refia Sacks

Refia Sacks founded LCATT in 2003 and has been the Director and Head of Training for 20 years. She now shares these roles with Judith Kleinman and Roger Kidd, previously her assistants. She has been teaching the Alexander Technique for over forty years.  She qualified in 1982 at the Alexander Teaching Associates and has taught… Continue reading Refia Sacks

Judith Kleinman

Judith Kleinman has been an assistant at LCATT since its foundation and is now also a co-head of training along with Refia Sacks and Roger Kidd. She trained as a classical musician and teacher at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and then as an Alexander teacher with Patrick MacDonald and Shoshana Kaminitz, qualifying… Continue reading Judith Kleinman

Roger Kidd

Roger Kidd qualified at the Carrington’s school in 1993. He has been an assistant trainer at LCATT since its formation and now also shares the role of co-head of training with Refia Sacks and Judith Kleinman. He runs a private practice in both North and South London as well as teaching Alexander Technique in business… Continue reading Roger Kidd

Lucia Walker

Lucia Walker is the course moderator. She trained with Dick and Elisabeth Walker and qualified in 1987. Since then she has taught individuals, groups and on teacher training courses in Europe, America and Japan. She has presented at 5 of the International Congresses and was one of the directors of the centenary Congress in Oxford… Continue reading Lucia Walker

Hilary King

Hilary King trained at the Royal Ballet School and danced professionally for several years. She later gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology and Health and a Diploma in Psychosynthesis Therapy. She qualified as an Alexander teacher in 1987 at Misha Magidov’s training course and has taught in Further Education, on music courses, as part of the ATEAM… Continue reading Hilary King

Julia Duschenes

Julia Duschenes trained at the Hampstead Alexander Centre and the London Centre for Alexander Technique and Training, qualifying in 2003.  She is now a regular teacher at LCATT.  She is an avid amateur viola player and particularly enjoys teaching musicians in local music schools and in her private practice in St Albans.

Paola Lerma

Paola Lerma qualified as an Alexander teacher at LCATT in 2007 and is now a regular teacher at the school. Her previous training was in drama at EMTZ in Spain, and she has since taught Alexander Technique in the ArtsEducationalDramaSchool. She has also been teaching in Royal College of Music and other educational institutions. She runs… Continue reading Paola Lerma

James Allsopp

James Allsopp trained as an Alexander teacher at LCATT qualifying in 2010 and he has been a teacher there since 2012.  He teaches AT for the Royal College of Music junior department and the National Youth Choir of Great Britain and has taught at Oundle school. James is also a jazz musician and plays various… Continue reading James Allsopp

Julie Barber

Julie Barber trained with Walter and Dilys Carrington at the Constructive Teaching Centre.  After qualifying in 1993 she taught there for many years and assisted on the annual post-graduate summer school.  She has taught individuals and groups in a variety of settings including the Department of Health, BP, drama schools, a residential home, and 15 years at… Continue reading Julie Barber

Hidemi Hatada

Hidemi Hatada, qualified with Walter and Dylis Carrington in 1996, has 17 years of teaching experience in the application of the Alexander Technique to musical, educational, medical and business situations. She teaches at two A.T. training courses and at private clinics, and has given workshops in the UK and Japan. She is a professional singer and keyboard… Continue reading Hidemi Hatada