Helen Kearns

Helen Kearns graduated from LCATT in 2016 having previously trained in music and librarianship. As a piano teacher she shares the Alexander Technique with her students in schools and private practice, and with young students at the Ingenium International Music Summer Schools at Winchester College. She teaches at Mill Hill School and has an AT… Continue reading Helen Kearns

Georgia Paizi

Georgia Paizi qualified at LCATT in 2017. She is a dance-artist and Alexander teacher working in Athens. She teaches privately and in groups She shares a studio practice with musician and AT practitioner Theo Ziarkas. Together they facilitate dance improvisation workshops. She has a background in architecture theory and scenography, and is pursuing a Master’s… Continue reading Georgia Paizi

Kate Ellingham-Hunt

Kate Ellingham-Hunt graduated from LCATT in 2017. She came to the technique through chronic ill health and violin playing related pain. Alongside the Technique she teaches the violin through the Suzuki method and is interested in helping young musicians play their instruments confidently without pain and discomfort. She currently teaches in New Zealand. k.ellinghamhunt@gmail.com,  kate-eh.com.