Kaoru Kuwata

Kaoru Kuwata completed her training in 2003 and has since taught Alexander Technique in many drama and music colleges, theatre companies and arts universities. She is currently working in Japan at Shobi University, New National Theatre Opera studio,  Seinenza Theatre company Drama school, as well as giving private lessons, actor training classes, and workshops for various performers.… Continue reading Kaoru Kuwata

Jeremy Cassidy

Jeremy Cassidy qualified from LCATT in 2010. He gives individual lessons and group courses to local community groups at his practice in Tottenham. He has also been bringing the Alexander Technique to playgroups and primary schools in Tottenham, as well as working at Educare the pioneering primary school in Kingston, that incorporates the AT principles… Continue reading Jeremy Cassidy

Eleni Vosniadou

Eleni Vosniadou works with groups and individuals worldwide and is fascinated by the study of mind/body. Eleni qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher from LCATT in 2012. With a background in music Eleni is the founder and director of Consciência Corporal para Músicos in Brazil, coaching musicians to optimize performance by developing skilful body awareness. Eleni is… Continue reading Eleni Vosniadou

Xiaosong Que

Xiaosong Que, originally from Shanghai, she studied in Berlin and moved to London. She found Alexander Technique in Buenos Aires, pursuing her passion for dancing tango. She qualified from LCATT in 2012 and has taught in London, Buenos Aires and Shanghai, giving workshops to dancers and actors at the London Contemporary Dance School and Shanghai Theatre Academy.… Continue reading Xiaosong Que

Esther Miltiadous

Esther Miltiadous first had Alexander Technique lessons in 1998 when suffering with sciatic pain. She qualified as a teacher in 2013. She has assisted at the Royal College of Music, given workshops for local physiotherapists, and classes for elderly people in retirement homes. She teaches Alexander to children at Educare Small School, Kingston and is part… Continue reading Esther Miltiadous

Nikki Brin

Nikki Brin qualified from LCATT in 2013. She currently teaches in Bristol. Having worked in the corporate environment for 15 years, she takes an interest in working with people from a similar background. She has assisted Professor Peter Buckoke at the Royal College of music and given group workshops at the Highbury Grove music academy.

Deborah Levy

Deborah Levy started AT lessons in 1988 after a back injury. She qualified as a teacher in 2014. She has assisted at the Royal College of Music, ArtsEd Drama School and given lessons at Carers Well-Being days. She has run a course for Age UK, volunteered at Paul’s Cancer Centre in Clapham and has a private… Continue reading Deborah Levy

Andy Smith

Andy Smith, a former sports journalist, came to the Technique after years of sporting and work-related injuries. As such he has a particular interest in reducing injury and improving performance, in sports, music, acting or simply everyday life. He also offers Alexander running lessons. He is involved in the Alexander in Education special interest group and teaches… Continue reading Andy Smith