Professional Development

Alumni Workshares

Once a term alumni and training course teachers get together at LCATT to share work.  This offers the opportunity for graduates to work with the LCATT community of teachers and to present ideas and work to the group.

Workshares for All Teachers

Next work exchange – Sunday 23rd September 11.00am-1.00pm  – Free.
All teachers are welcome to the workshares at LCATT. You can just drop in or contact Roger – for more details.


Workshops and Talks

LCATT organises regular activities including talks from other disciplines that may relate to the Alexander Technique, forums with presentations about inspiring work being done within the Alexander Technique and workshops for visiting teachers from abroad. (See below for further information).


LCATT hosts a series of interesting talks linking with other disciplines. They have been really successful so far, so do come and join us for the next one.

We have had wonderful talks by
Leon Baugh on the ‘Anatomy in Motion’ system.
Colin Farquharson, voice and acting coach, on ‘How the Mind changes the Body’ and working with dyslexia.
Liz Kalinowska and Daska Hatton on the relationship between cranio-sacral therapy and Alexander Technique.
Emma Alter, giving us an introduction to Feldenkrais with information on his life and a taste of his work.
Maggie Sawkins, mediator, on ‘Listening and Responding’  – an amazing, valuable experience for AT teachers!
Elizabeth Wallfisch on The Practice of Safe Practice – for muscians on how to play without risk to body or mind.
See reviews of all of them in past STAT News.

The 7th Interesting Talk at LCATT –  ‘Bones for Life’ with Sylvia Gray.  4th October 2018.  Work-share 7-8pm, Talk 8-9.30pm. Teachers £10, students £5. Please contact Judith Kleinman for information and booking. Or just turn up!

‘Bones for Life’, is a holistic approach to changing our way of being and realigning the body so that the transmission of forces between the earth and gravity travels optimally through the bones. It is Feldenkrais based and was created by Ruthy Alon. The numerous processes offered, all within small and thereby safe exertions of effort, can generate fluidity of movement, coordination, flexibility, strength and, in Ruthy’s words,  a state of “biological optimism”.

Silvia Gray has taught the Alexander Technique since 1980, and later trained in Pilates matwork and equipment. She first attended a workshop with Ruthy Alon in 2013 and then trained and qualified in Bones for Life. She is now participating in a 4 year Feldenkrais Training in London, and plans to start a teacher training course in Bones for Life in London in 2019.




Get inspiration at a Forum day at LCATT.  (Next one in the planning pipeline).

Hear the experiences and ideas about how some teachers are exploring new ways to connect with new types of audience for the Technique. There will be presentations, with time for questions, and a work exchange.
£20. Contact Roger –


For future workshops contact Roger on 07905 003026 or for information and booking.

Recent teacher’s workshops have been with Missy Vineyard, a Head of Training in the USA and author of a ‘How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live’ and Lucia Walker, dance teacher and specialist in improvisation, and head of training of the  Alexander school in Johannesburg.

Missy Vineyard Workshop April 2014 075
Teachers workshop with Missy Vineyard