Julia Duschenes

Julia Duschenes trained at the Hampstead Alexander Centre and the London Centre for Alexander Technique and Training, qualifying in 2003.  She is now a regular teacher at LCATT.  She is an avid amateur viola player and particularly enjoys teaching musicians in local music schools and in her private practice in St Albans. www.alexteacher.co.uk

Kaoru Kuwata

Kaoru Kuwata completed her training in 2003 and has since taught Alexander Technique in many drama and music colleges, theatre companies and arts universities. She is currently working in Japan at Shobi University, New National Theatre Opera studio,  Seinenza Theatre company Drama school, as well as giving private lessons, actor training classes, and workshops for various performers.… Continue reading Kaoru Kuwata

Polly Waterfield

Polly Waterfield trained as a violinist, a Suzuki violin teacher, and finally an Alexander teacher. She teaches at Uppingham school in Rutland where, along with Catharine Gunningham, she organised the forum, Spirit of Youth, in 2013 and 2015 for teachers working with young people. She is interested in how we teach, interact and communicate, with pupils… Continue reading Polly Waterfield

Paola Lerma

Paola Lerma qualified as an Alexander teacher at LCATT in 2007 and is now a regular teacher at the school. Her previous training was in drama at EMTZ in Spain, and she has since taught Alexander Technique in the Arts Educational Drama School. She has also been teaching in Royal College of Music and other… Continue reading Paola Lerma

Jeremy Cassidy

Jeremy Cassidy qualified from LCATT in 2010. He gives individual lessons and group courses to local community groups at his practice in Tottenham. He has also been bringing the Alexander Technique to playgroups and primary schools in Tottenham, as well as working at Educare the pioneering primary school in Kingston, that incorporates the AT principles… Continue reading Jeremy Cassidy

James Allsopp

James Allsopp qualified as an Alexander teacher at LCATT in 2010 and has taught there since 2012.  He teaches AT at the Royal College of Music junior department and National Youth Choir of Great Britain and has taught at Oundle school. He is a jazz musician and plays various reed instruments and composes his own music.… Continue reading James Allsopp

Jackie Beim

Jackie Beim first had Alexander lessons in the mid 1980s.  She qualified as a teacher from LCATT 2011. As well as teaching private lessons, Jackie regularly assists on the LCATT training course, and helps to organise CPD workshops for Alexander teachers. She serves on the STAT Council. She is a Shaw Method registered swimming teacher, taking the… Continue reading Jackie Beim

Lynn Edmonstone

Lynn Edmonstone is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and a Pilates Instructor with Body Control Pilates. Lynn is a trained actress, certified Alexander Technique teacher and a Pilates Instructor/Stretch Therapy teacher.  She teaches private sessions and group classes in London and Northern California. 07703175257   www.lynnedmonstone.com www.thetutorpages.com/tutor/lynnedmonston

Bodel Rikys

Bodel Rikys, also an artist/author and meditation teacher, has a long-standing interest in the multi-layered aspects of the Alexander Technique. Her first Alexander lesson was with Dr Barlow in 1980. Wanting to deepen her understanding of the work, she trained as a teacher with LCATT, qualifying in 2012. Bodel teaches individuals and groups in Central and North London. www.bodelrikys.com